What’s a Personal Shopper?

qué es un personal shopper - personal shopper

My name is Gema Díaz and I work as a personal shopper and image consultant in Madrid (Spain). Almost always, people who need the help of a Personal Shopper have lack of time or lack of self-confidence.

In the first case, managers or executive people often do not have time to take care of their image but they consider it very important in their professional lives. In the second case, we work with people who want to change their image to improve their self-confident. This change may be radical or only for a special occasion or social commitment.

Are you one of these two cases?


Look what benefits can bring you a Personal Shopper:

1. Optimizing your purchases. Your purchases will be more rational and you will be able to save money.

2. Professional advice. This profession requires a strong background. In my case, I studied at the Personal Shopper School, one of the most important schools in this field.

3. Save time. A Personal Shopper selects and buys the clothes. He/She manages any changes, returns and repairs.

4. Notice. The Personal Shopper is a professional discret and he/she never reveal who their clients.

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